Hypnotic Fountain of Youth


Using SelfHypnosis To Become More Youthful


There have been stories about a mythical “fountain of youth”. The oldest documented tales date back to the time of Herodotus – some 2,500 plus years ago. As far as I now, there is no such fountain – at least not as a real, physical entity. But there IS an equivalent which is readily available to you.


The Pathway to making your mind younger


Step One



Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. 
Take a nice deep breath and hold it for a mental count of four. As you exhale, close your eyes gently and restfully. Allow yourself to drift inside your mind. Continue to take several nice deep breaths without overdoing it, then allow your body, your unconscious mind, to breathe naturally, without any conscious attention. Allow yourself to continue to relax. As you successfully relax your body more and more, you may feel your arms and legs getting heavy. You may also notice yourself swallowing and shift your breathing – this is all perfectly natural and a sign that you are doing well.
As you continue to relax your body, allow your mind to quiet so you can access the gentle voice of your intuition. Your intuition or inner voice has all the wisdom you need – but it speaks so softly that you have to listen carefully. The key is to trust what you think you hear. We will be looking for the cooperation of your unconscious mind to rejuvenate you – all the way down to the cellular level.


Imagine deepening your relaxation and your mind’s open-ness with each breath that you exhale. Feel wave after wave of physical and mental relaxation wash through your mind and body.

Simpley observe your experience as if you were watching with curiosity from a distance. Get yourself settled, breathe naturally, observe your thoughts and let them quiet down before moving on to the next step. Remember, the secret here is to avoid being in a hurry, to ALLOW things to happen at their own pace. We’re working in a realm where trying too hard, being in a rush – actually slow things down.

Step Two

: In this step, we’re going to take a journey very deep down into your body to that special place where you keep the wisdom of youth. Now I don’t know where that is in your body – but your unconscious knows exactly where it is. When we’re there, you’ll be able to access and utilize that wisdom. 


Imagine yourself walking down a long flight of stairs with plush red carpet lining each step. With each step you take downwards, allow your body and your mind to relax even deeper. Make sure that you wait long enough on each step to confirm that you really have relaxed – especially your mind. If you find your thoughts slowing down, that’s not critical but it’s a good sign.


Step Three:

Now imagine that the journey involves travel deeper inside yourself. The more vivid you are able to create this inner reality, the more effective the process will be. It doesn’t have to be anatomically correct or even make biological sense – what it needs is for you to feel like you are going deeper inside yourself.
As you continue deeper, imagine that in front of you is a doorway. You may visualise it, you may just sense it is there, you may imagine a doorway – just accept that whatever and however you do this, is right for you. This is the doorway, the portal that takes you into that place of revitalization at your core.
When you’re ready, pass through the portal, right into that place. Take time to notice where you are – what’s around you. Get the feeling of this place and listen to your unconscious, listen to your intuition.
Here is where your body, your soul, keep all they need to rejuvenate every muscle, nerve and fiber in your body; to re-program all the parts of your mind that need adjusting so you can feel more healthy, youthful, playful and strong. Take your proper place in this place – you’ll know what’s right – and move on to step four.. 

Step Four:

Now that you’re here, quiet your mind even further and begin to reach out with your awareness ito areas and aspects of your self, your body that you normally have no access to at all. Sense your bone marrow developing white blood cells, sense the biome of bacteria in your gut which lives in a remarkable symbiosis with you. Sense the processes which regenerate and replace dying muscle and nerve cells.

Tune into your physical self and feel the vibrational energy. With your mind’s eye, feel it, sense it, hear it, see it, and discover how your body feels. In these moments, expand your awareness until you sense that you have access to the tiniest parts of your body system and at the same time you are aware of how it all works together. This doesn’t require any conscious understanding of the system and it’s components – only an profound awareness and a deep curiousity to observe.
Make a subtle shift of gears in your mind so that you create a connection – emotionally, mentally, energetically, spiritually, with all of the cells in your body, creating a wonderful harmony with not only the cells in your body but also all of the larger structures – your liver, your thyroid, your biceps, your lymph system.



Take the time to really enjoy this connection with yourself. Let it settle on you for long enough that you feel you drunk your fill – and than take more time. Indulge yourself.

Deep in this place, perhaps out in the open, perhaps tucked away, is the blueprint for the natural, authentic you. If you choose, you may think of this as your DNA. Your DNA has coded what the perfect you should be. Frequently, things happen that shift us away from that ideal – but the DNA blueprint is still there. 

Access that blueprint. Most of the bits and pieces that make up joy and playfulness and youth and vigor and vitality are things that you’ve experienced from time to time – go back and access them fully and reinstate them. This is an unconscious process – allow your DNA or your unconscious to do the work for you. All your awareness needs to do is wait for the signal that the work is done. What you are working towards here is to access your ideal youthful blueprint in a form your unconscious can work with.

There will also be aspects that you have not actually experienced yet – that doesn’t matter. Allow your unconscious to access your DNA to add everything to the blueprint.

Allow your mind to do this entire process unconsciously. You are only an observer – and often you have no idea what is going on – only that something is happening and things keep feeling better.
When your unconscious mind has found that, let it scan through the blueprint and unconsciously record all of the information of your brain at that time; all of the information of your healthy body, of the condition of all of the cells in your body at that time at the most healthy and vigorous state. 
Although you do not consciously go into the past with your awareness, you just let your unconscious get the information, as your unconscious mind accesses that information you may actually experience some physical sensations of feeling very healthy, youthful, playful and very energized, almost as your body and mind work in perfect harmony and unison. Now you have an unconscious representation, a blueprint, of your ideal youthful self. Take all the time you need to enjoy it and let it settle in before we move on to step six.

Step Six:

So now when your unconscious mind has found that time and that condition, let it record that blueprint. Record the blueprint of your brain that holds all of the information of everything in your body, the condition of the cells, the cellular renewal and regeneration, the healthy condition of the muscles, the tissues, the skin, of everything in the body, of all the organs when it has recorded that information as a blueprint. 

Now you have two blueprints – one of your brain and body now and one of your ideal healthy self. Review at an unconscious level to make sure that’s what you are starting with.
Now allow your unconscious to take that blueprint of the optimal healthy you and compare it to the blueprint of your brain now, as it is today. Allow your unconscious mind to take that blueprint information of your youthful state and compare it to the blueprint information of your brain and all of the recorded information about the state of your body and your brain now. Let your mind compare and contrast the two. 

Remember that, up to this point, no changes have been made. All we’re doing now is gathering information and organizing it.
When your unconscious has completed that comparison and taken into account all of the aspects of the differences in those two blueprints, then you are in a position to ask your unconscious to begin making some changes. 

Step Seven:

Now comes the important part… Ask your unconscious mind to find the healthiest way – that is in harmony with and that fully respects your physical, mental, and emotional body to restore the condition of youthfulness (and in an appropriate manner) to your blueprint of today.  Apply the youthful blueprint to your brain at this time. Begin installing all the good, youthful changes to your brain now! 
So taking the old blueprint of health and youth, and applying it now to the current blueprint of your brain and allowing it to merge and make those changes now, to let the blueprint for youth and health integrate, change, and replace the blueprint that is currently in your brain. 
Trust that your unconscious mind knows how to do this and only does this in a way that is in harmony with your well-being. 
Now spend some time relaxing and integrating what you have done. Really allow yourself to be still and notice the changes. This is a time to smell the roses. You’ve made important changes – allow yourself time to appreciate them for what they are. Allow the changes to become permanent.

Step Eight:

Once you are sure that you have integrated all you need from this session of personal development, open your eyes, stretch a bit, wiggle you toes, flex your fingers and go on about your day. 
Make a choice today to act with a renewed youthfulness – play, joke, laugh and enjoy the world with the excitement and joy that you once did. Whenever you find things getting stale, whenever you allow your sense of being to stagnate; have some youthful fun and games and inject more spirit of youth into your life all you have to do is go through this exercise again.